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A buddy maxed (99s) with OSRS gold treasure hunter and it cost him $14.4k. Yeah dude that has some serious fucking power! Ignoring the fact that 99s are literally meaningless in rs3 a maxed osrs accounts is a few hundred dollars.

I'm from RS3 (started in 2002 and played every variant a lot), and I believe Jagex have treated us and our variant very poorly in recent years. If Jagex need this to operate on Steam, then they need to be more about bringing actual game content out, and much less about looking for MTX whales to finance these shitty promos they fall every week.

Inside the Jagex ecosystem, we are utilized to the downturn, the extensive flaws, the shelved jobs, the broken promises, the non-stop MTX promos, and also the bizarre shit. But they'll never endure the Steam stage if (errrr,"if") folks catch on to all this tomfoolery. The devs seem to devote a great deal of time on new promos, and Yak Track events. And new game content suffers for this. New content is constantly getting pushed back or cancelled.

My recommendation is to criticise effectively. Give it a downvote should you feel that way. The best reviews are the ones that professionally address the issue. They are the most effective because people can comprehend the matter. Nonetheless, it is not going to be more helpful if every review is"RS3 fukn sucks dick stupid mtxers.

The content appears slow and idle for the most part. They are not even enjoyable grinds, I hated every minute of it and am currently back on an RS3 hiatus after completing.

Grind fests create rs, both rs3 and os. But in 4 years the upgrades have given nothing of notice that isn't a traditional shitty mill; there is Buy Runescape gold something fundamentally wrong with the game's priorities. I can not blame the team too much as they're in the bizarre position of having to develop the more complex game but make it extremely mtx friendly at the exact same time to get a smaller base, which is the complete contrary to what osrs has.

It's stuck in a poor cycle in which the older foundation doesn't wish to deal with mtx but mtx is the one thing keeping it drifting at this time.

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