I'm just as big of nba 2k21 mt a fan as FM because from bestrs's blog

I'm just as big of nba 2k21 mt a fan as FM because you clearly are, but if you think FM/Sega is reinventing the wheel every year you are only blatantly lying to yourself:P The matter that actually DOES alter every year though is a updated transfer/database, that is very often updated from the neighborhood anyway, so you're able to live without it. Today, perhaps every 3-4 year there is a new thing to the game that is worth mentioning, make it better control over tactics, or better 3d matches etc.. And sure, then it may really be super worth picking up a new version of it. I will not deny that. But it certainly isn't something one ought to buy every year. 

BUT, I also know that, as somebody posted XQC saying, is that sports fan are super freak in their games/series, or I guess one can call it passionate, and contemplating FM is a cult series, there are clearly going to be folks out there that think that I am really calling FM a bad match or shitting on it, which I am not, far from it. Have many a million of hours in that show from the times it had been known as ChamMan. They basically completed the genre with dynamic standing. The only thing missing is dynamic youth level and the other nation particular attributes. 
They wont present anything new anymore, they just need to flesh out the qualities in the game which are fairly barebone. The Sports games are similar to this cause normies purchase the game just as the new number on it every year. They get sold trash and they do not care cause it has the new roll changes or whatever. Why don't they simply make F2P sports games with microtransactions? They will surely earn more money compared to selling standalone because of the larger playerbase It is always funny to hear people bitch about mtx at Fifa, etc. and then they go and purchase the next one, rinse repeat.Though it isn't exclusive to just sports games players. 
With todays study into ML as well as the datasample that they get from xqc in this case they need to be able to spot every feature nearly flawlessly. I bought 2k20 at like 15 dollars after taking a hiatus in the buy mt nba 2k21 other ones. Maybe not fucking worth it. I play with MyCareer and I absolutely hate that it's an online only mode, which is basically a"two year lease" until they pull the plug. I only wish to play in the league with my player. No, I really don't want to have the neighborhood. 

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By bestrs
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