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Duel arena is now f2p. Can it stay this way with staking back? My favorite the old bone yard is gone. Hope that yields. Do fresh players know a few of RuneScape gold the old places for battles? Dark castle was vacant. Well I'm sure other folks might have things as well to include.

Urns may have a great use this bonus exp weekend. It is quite simple as soon as you log on teleport all your prepeared full urns away to give you a wonderful chunck of exp to give you a fantastic beginning to the bonus exp weekend. Though you simply can have 10 full urns in one skill at a time. With 61 crafting 10 Powerful woodcutting urns will provide you 44887.5 exp. Together with 76 crafting 10 Decorated fishing urns will give you 51300 exp. Together with 81 crafting Decorated cooking urns will give you 41782.5 exp.

Although the exp profits might not be massive 40k/50k exp in skill in a moment is very beneficial and also at current prices 10 Infernal urns will save 1.4mill at present rates, should you utilize dragon bones.

Hello Everyone! I am Falxmaster, and that I plan on creating a reality-show kind comedy video show on YouTube about Noobs, and also the title (unfinalized) is Runescape Noobs Exposed, but it seems somewhat near TehNoobShow's God's Exposed- so I'm coming up with a new name. See the rest of the topic for the best way to Audition. You don't need to Cheap RS gold become a real noob, but if you can act try it out! Not a discussion, just post your view between them both.

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The Wall

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Oct 15



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