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I had so many of my friends quit due to OSRS gold that update and I left the game for a short while until EoC was announced.The very top players in this area are willing to literally themselves so they do not need to quit playing. Bold to suppose that everyone here's a well-adjusted adult.You think the majority of individuals who play with this game are well-adjusted? 50 percent of the folks here have a mixture of abandonment problems and PTSD because the battle system in a game they base their lives on got changed.If you want to observe a well adjusted adult dress up into slayer equipment with a whip and start Meleeing dust devils in front of a person hoping to burst them.

To be honest, it sucked a lot seeing rs2 being utterly and absolutely destroyed through the years.You seem to be wholly oblivious about gamers generally, this isn't a runescape thing.I genuinely believe these PSAs are doing more harm than good, no one that was going to do so won't change their minds due to a wall of text, however trolls who genuinely enjoy this stuff who have not thought of the thought will pile in on the hate and bombing it with bad reviews.
I pretty much said the exact same thing. Maybe OP is a master troll who's trying to get folks from this sub to go there and leave negative reviews, however, who knows. Otherwise he did not believe this one through.You're both overthinking it. Only a couple will do what you mentioned. Majority who would have thought to perform an immature thing like this would do it from Buy Rs gold impulse and wouldn't consider consequences (this is OSRS players we're talking about) so this does more good than harm.
As they are right and their favourite game is the best game and  everyone who likes items they dont enjoy.Actually to perform the the devils advocate, I believe it more falls along the lines which they feel entitled to hate the game. 

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By bestrs
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