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EOC spent well over two years needing continual fixes for into the current state; at launch it was, and that I use this OSRS gold with real seriousness, almost unplayable out of maging.It had been very much a lousy experience at launching because pruning was over the place and equipment that had traditionally been valuable (20-50m) ended up being less effective in battle than 100k crap things. Slayer and lots of supervisors were very, very disagreeable to do.Was a vote that a good deal of rs3 players voted to don't play osrs but voted yes because people got a opportunity to play the games that they like. 

No hate either manner osrs is just not a match for me personally done the dumb grinds back in the afternoon.That is an extremely biased take, holy shit.What really happened was that the removal of free trade and the elimination of this wilderness were necessary updates to temporarily prevent RWT from literally killing the game for legal reasons. And of course the botting problems from RWT causing massive amounts of chargebacks to banks with stolen credit cards, even together with banks threatening to blacklist runescape services, effectively killing the match.

That is something people were not aware of, and so they protested to jmods who couldn't listen to them, and quit. After they attempted to Buy Runescape gold liven up combat by incorporating over prayer flicking. I wasn't around for this time, but it wasn't well received, so more people quit. More people quit probably due to the spin 2 win mtx added.What rs3 players don't like is the constant feuding out of osrs players. Afterall, osrs was created out of a playerbase that hated rs3. People generally are not covetous about playerbase statistics like you say they are, if anything that statistic always being lorded over them by osrs players is what annoys themosrs always saying"we are more popular therefore your sport is awful." . 

If popularity meant anything I'd play fortnite.It is a one-sided feud. OSRS players possess a despise boner for RS3. RS3 players are mostly upset towards Jamflex (maybe not OSRS players or the game) because the RS3 devs don't listen to them like the OSRS devs hear the OSRS community.

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