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These people with their nice photos of enjoying OSRS gold... I was sitting in my driveway on a notebook working with the neighbours wifi all night. They could not finish it, had to Return to enjoying RuneScape Lol right? Like you're able to play with it now dudes.  I'm playing rs3 and osrs right now. Logged in earlier this season, and the game is far different now. Armor places I had that were worth 6-7mill went to 200-300k. I am uncertain what the currency is worth anymore. It's completely different from when I used... more
EOC spent well over two years needing continual fixes for into the current state; at launch it was, and that I use this OSRS gold with real seriousness, almost unplayable out of maging.It had been very much a lousy experience at launching because pruning was over the place and equipment that had traditionally been valuable (20-50m) ended up being less effective in battle than 100k crap things. Slayer and lots of supervisors were very, very disagreeable to do.Was a vote that a good deal of rs3 players voted to don't play osr... more
A buddy maxed (99s) with OSRS gold treasure hunter and it cost him $14.4k. Yeah dude that has some serious fucking power! Ignoring the fact that 99s are literally meaningless in rs3 a maxed osrs accounts is a few hundred dollars. I'm from RS3 (started in 2002 and played every variant a lot), and I believe Jagex have treated us and our variant very poorly in recent years. If Jagex need this to operate on Steam, then they need to be more about bringing actual game content out, and much less about looking for MTX whales to fi... more