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I'm just as big of nba 2k21 mt a fan as FM because you clearly are, but if you think FM/Sega is reinventing the wheel every year you are only blatantly lying to yourself:P The matter that actually DOES alter every year though is a updated transfer/database, that is very often updated from the neighborhood anyway, so you're able to live without it. Today, perhaps every 3-4 year there is a new thing to the game that is worth mentioning, make it better control over tactics, or better 3d matches etc.. And sure, then it may real... more
bestrs Oct 13 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt
I began doing triple threat which seems enjoyable. Haven't tried the other challengers yet I'll see. I thought it was a card game that was simple but this is cool. That's perfect, there's tons of rewards with triple hazard and different ways to begin building your group, I hope you continue to enjoy it! Also, follow nba 2k21 mt only because they give locker codes out for cards which help a whole lot in single player or reddit. Secret NBA 2K21 box Troydan obtained Don't believe the hype, do not get overly excited. It is al... more
bestrs Sep 17 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt